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Monday, September 8, 2008

Updates and a Small Vent.

1.) Well, after a rough couple of weeks, I think things may be leveling out. I didn’t get the job I wanted but I am still in their system because they plan on expanding 10 more people by the end of the year. All hope is not lost.

My boss is a little better since we had it out and I told her how I really felt (well, extremely watered down). I am on a menial conversation basis with my office mate and I pretty much just tell my boss what I need to in order to keep peace.

2.) On the TTC front, I am at CD13 and I forgot to temp so I am not sure if I am starting on Wednesday or not… lol Maybe I am just putting off the inevitable.

I had a dream that I was telling everyone we were pregnant but I am far from prophetic in my own dream life. If I were, Ke.vi.n Cos.t.n.er would have killed my friends and I with a chain saw when I was in middle school.

3.) On a really TMI and sorta funny note, our one female dog is not fixed but she is not at risk of getting pregnant at all, in any way. There is still a debate at our house on why we should fix her… but that is another whole ball of wax.

Anyway, she has a little le.sbi.an love for our other female. Now, this doesn’t bother me but she is 55 lbs and the other dog is 11 lbs. You get the picture? So all day yesterday, this big dog is trying to find a way to ‘mount’ this tiny dog. Let’s just say it really added some comic relief to our evening yesterday.

4.) DH and I have be subjected to some pretty blunt question and some that are just typical of being married 8 years with no kids. When did we, as humans, lose common courtesy and tact? Do we need to start having classes on appropriate and inappropriate inquiries?

At what point do you tell someone that his or her question is “…none of your damn business and I don’t think that you have any right to ask that of anyone other than yourself”? Let’s just say if DH and I were approached like a couple we know, we may have been looking for a new Sunday morning activity.


Jewels said...

Hopefully you’ll be in a new job by the New Year.

That is funny about the lesby dog, I can barely imagine it, about like a lab trying to mount a shoe.

Jen said...

Sorry about the job. Before I got my first position with my current employer I ended up interviewing for three different positions. Each one just didn't work out for whatever reason.

The dog story is too funny. Cujo tends to get that lovin' feeling right after dinner in the evenings and Jeramy's leg is his main target.

VA Blondie said...

It also amazes me how people can be so insensitive. Hubby and I have been married twelve years, and we still get the same questions whenever we meet new people. I usually try to distract then with my dogs. (It usually works, people are also fascinated by Great Dsnes.)