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Monday, April 28, 2008

It Finally Hit Home with DH.

One of the upper management guys that DH works with just brought back his second child from Guatamala last week. The girls at work out on a 'Diaper Drive'; for every pack of diapers brought in a ticket was given out to wim a $50 gas card (yep, black gold... wah hoo).

DH really had a hard time because a) the guy doesn't hurt for cash in any way and they were getting him a crap load of diapers and b) how is it fair that $35K for two children in about 4 years in basically like deciding to go away for a long weekend on a whim. (Literally, on Thanksgiving the decided that they needed to get the paper work together before the cut off on the December 30th, they have a kid by December 11 and they brought the baby home last week.)

We are struggling to try and find a way to do any treatments and they think about adopting again as a passing thought and it happens. It is just very aggrivating. DH really felt the "this is so not fair" that I have been going through for years. We finally have a common frustration.

On the home front with us, I am on CD97, 13dpo and my boobs are still sore and my temp is still up. I just hope AF hold off until my appointment tomorrow. I am longing for that BFN after the cycle from Hades. Okay, maybe not longing but definiately wanting some closure on it. Jenn, honey, I so feel for you. I completely get your frustration.

Well, here is to a having a better week... I hope.

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jenn said...

It really is hard when it hits home with them. As much as the understanding is welcome- I think it's more like a sledgehammer for them.

Here's to a better week. I hope it truly is...