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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Happy Progesterone

I am actually thrilled that I had an obvious and decent O... after 80+ days... lol

I have all the fun high progesterone signs so life is good. I know that there are more exciting things to be happy about in this world but for me... Small victories, I'll take those any day.

I am not sure how our timing was as far as BDing. We are at 2 days before and the day of. As far as a break in between, that was good. I am not even remotely trying to imply that "this could be the month", but I wouldn't hate it if it was, kwim? :o) In fact, I would love it.

I am starting to feel a bit happier. I think it is a combination of winter being done and just feeling less broken.

On a somewhat related note, is it wrong that I want to walk up to every unwed preggo teenager and tell her thank you for bringing another b*$tard baby into the world for my taxes to pay for? Yeah, I thought so. But shoot, gas prices get my higher I just may snap during the first of the month. Eek!

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Jen said...

Congrats on the O! And I'm with you on the unwed preggo teenagers and the gas prices. Our truck is diesel, which currently runs somewhere around $4.20 - $4.35 a gallon.