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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

That Doggie is almost $200.00

First off, the doggie fostering is kind fun but hectic. He LOVES attention and if you stop petting him he will paw you until you start again. Last night he slept on the floor by DH and I think he is really taken with him. I think he may be part dog whisperer. He needs to go soon though before I get even more attached.

"Buddy" is about 4 years old and probably been neglected (not properly care for) for about 2 years or more. He has hook worm and whip worm but it are easily treated. No heartworm, he is 20 lbs under weight but very sturdy.

The bad part is he has a prostate infection that has cause it to become the size of an average female fist. The antibiotics will kill the infection but only fixing him will take down the swelling. So a bland diet and meds and he will be right as rain, loving life. After he is neutered life will be grand.

The vet said he would probably have died within 2-3 months if we had not gotten him off the street. I was surprised that all the vet techs and docs came into see him (an fell in love with his big floppy self) and then thanked me for getting him off the street. I really made me feel like I was making a difference, kwim? I needed that this week.

**We got lucky and the OES Rescue paid for the vet bill. Yay for small blessings.


nancy said...
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nancy said...

Isn't that the real picture of the dog? Is that a baby sitting behind him? I see a baby ankle in a cutsie little white sock and what looks to be a blue onesie. But that dog is supposed to be huge, right? So that baby is like the biggest baby on the face of the planet? Or just a weird angle? And why is there a big baby on your couch?

jenn said...

he's a very cute & very lucky dog! I'm glad you found him & picked him up that night- I'm really glad that he is geeting all fixed up (& that the bill's being picked up!)