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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How Much is That Doggie on the Side of the Mountain?

I think that I was meant to have a headache on Sunday. On the way back from Tennessee, DH and I were driving through KY, when we saw an Old English sheepdog wandering around on the side of I-75. After about 3 miles, we decided to go back and see if it was okay and maybe take it to an outpost (state trooper) if we could. (I would like to mention it was pouring rain and chilly out. He was pitiful looking.) When we got there, he was trying to climb the side of the rock and failing. I called over to him and he came right to me. So we laid blankets over the back seat and away we drove, scared dog and all.

When we got home, we looked him over and he was emaciated and weak, he had fleas and ticks and was matted beyond belief. I got some food and water and then put him in our garage.

Yesterday, I got Advantix and treated him for the bugs and got some of the mats cut out. (BTW, Advantix is the stuff. Those bugs were dying off within 3 hours. By this morning, no more bugs.) From the looks of it he was abandoned about 3 weeks ago and was exhausted and dehydrated. He is the most wonderful, sweet and loving dog, not to mention adorable. And he has a new home….

Before anyone freaks, it is not with us. I was able to get a hold of an Old English sheepdog rescue and he already has a home. I take him to the vet tomorrow to get check out and the rescue is paying for the treatment. As soon as he is checked out, the family is going to call and set up a pick up date. He should be in his new home (a retired couple with lots of land) by the end of the Friday (Hopefully, Cheyenne has fallen in love with him and I am just glad she isn’t in season. Talk about some funny looking pups… lol)

Not only did the rescue tell me that they were very grateful that we got the dog and saved him, but the vet said the same thing. Both stated that not to many people would have done that. (They obviously don’t know I am a sucker for a stray… lol) It did make me feel good though.

I may not “Be Jesus” to that dog but the family is really excited about getting him. They have been on a waiting list for over a year. They are so happy, they are taking him sight unseen. In a way, I guess I was caring for “…the least of these…” just in a canine shell. He was cold and I gave him shelter, he was hungry and I gave him food, he was thirsty and I gave him water, he was ill and I got him medicine. Who knows, maybe he is an angel in disguise…lol


Amy Paden said...

Cute dog. I saw 3 or 4 dogs running the roads on the way home. It sort of surprised me.

Ron said...

Thank you, Tammy!

Jen said...

He is a cutie! What a wonderful thing to do, and it sounds like it will make one dog and family very happy!

Anonymous said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes--what a cute puppy-- not many people would have done what you did!
Sarah (chuckandsarah)

The "J" said...

Tammy - I once adopted a OES from the Humane Society. He was the best dog ever! Loving, playful, sweet, gentle, the list could go on...He was only able to stay with us for about 5 years and then his years of abuse before we got him took it's toll. He is in doggie heaven now. We enjoyed him so much that after he passed we bought an OES puppy. I live in an area where there is no OES rescue. I looked into it long and hard before we decided to just get a puppy. A puppy was fun because I have a young son and they are best buds. I was completely shocked how many OES are abandoned when I was looking into OES rescue! It is so sad. They are such a great breed and make wonderful family additions! Thank you for saving one more and I am glad he found a home!