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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Is it a Lie or is it the Truth? ***ANSWERS***

Well, I have been tagged by Jenn to join in the Lies and Truth Poll. The rules are to post six items about yourself, four of which are true, and two of which are lies, and then open comments for people to take a guess as to which items are the false ones.

Since I am a pretty open book (for the most part), I will have to dig deep for this one.

1. In the fourth grade, I flunked math because I couldn't’t divide decimals. I fell behind in class because I kept having reoccur bouts of tonsillitis. This is an absolute truth. I was horrible in math and I still hate anything past Algebra. I don't need it so I don't like it, lol.

2. I lost my virginity on my mother’s birthday; she turned 41. She worked nights so I was able to sneak around pretty easy. True. And not my proudest moment. I wish I could say I waited for marriage but I was a statistic, at least I was almost 17, right?

3. My biological sperm donor (he was nothing more than that) is part of the Kellogg family, as in the cereal. He and my mother met in the service and he didn’t tell her that he was one of those Kellogg’s. Oh, the back child support I would have loved to get. But alas, this is false. His last name is Kellogg and he is from New York but he is not related to the cereal fortune.

4. My dad is 5 foot tall and strong as a horse. He could pull me and the couch about 2 feet with one arm. (I am 5’6” and, well, not small) This one is also true. He was a wrestler in High School and he may be tiny but he is really strong. I have been taller than him since I was 10.

5. I have two sisters and two brothers but I wasn’t raised with them. My biological family was also in the military and they traveled a lot. I little sister was born in Guam. I do have sisters, three of them but one of my sisters passed in infancy due to SIDS. And my little sister was born in Guam but I do not have any brothers, so this is only a half false.

6. Morally, I feel that everyone should wait until marriage to have sex. It is biblical and I know that in some denominations premarital sex is a mortal sin. But my logical side is very much at odds with my spiritual side. I truly think everyone should “test drive the care before they buy it”. I would have been miserable it DH ended up being a horrible lover. (I was darn lucky there. **blush**) This is also true. I really do wish that everyone would wait for their "one" but I have a different take on marriage. What constitutes a marriage? A piece of paper? To me, when I moved in with DH and we got engaged, that was it for me. If I was 100% committed, I would have never said, Yes. I also know that if we were completely incompatible sexually, it could have been the end of the marriage. Sex may be the icing on the cake as far as the relationship but without good icing, the cake will never be as good as it could have been. Honestly, I still think that if two virgins get married, it can still be a touchy road. What happens if one person is a cold fish and the other one is a nympho? Life will be rough for both of them.

I am not sure I want to admit to any of those... lol


nancy said...

I'll pick 2 and 3 for the lies.

Jen said...

Hmmm...I'm going to go with 3 and 5.

Amy Paden said...

3 and 5

Monica Fayth said...

I'm going with 2 and 4

jenn said...

I am guessing #2 & 4, but they are totally guesses- nothing jumps out. If #2 is true then we have that in common- except my mom was turning 43...