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Friday, February 1, 2008


I would like to state for the records that I have always been a fan of instinct or intuition. I believe that we are given these two precious gifts as way to maneuver through life and make decisions. After weighing the options, it comes down to what your intuition is saying and what your instinct says to do.

I have always know I would not get pregnant on accident. I really do feel we will need extra special help and I have even blogged about it before. If I even had doubts, they are gone now.

After this last round of test results, we may have a plan of action, but I am not kidding myself into thinking that the problem has been solved. It may create a better final outcome but is it solved? Nope, I don't think so.

So my question is, is it tacky to have a fund raised for IVF? Can I do a car wash or a bake sale? What about a telethon? Can I do a "Give Tammy a Chance to be a Mommy"-thon? Can I put jars in stores that say, give to the childless?

I know in my heart and in my soul we are only going to conceive through IVF. I have thought it for months and if I was truly honest, I have thought it for years.

If anyone has any ideas on how to legally raise money for IVF, I am open to suggestions.... Really, I am wide open.



Wen782 said...

Hi, sweet cheeks!! Rachel (rmiller19somethingoranother) was selling magazines on behalf of her IVF/TTC Treatment fundraising. Then I think she began selling candles and other stuff, too, or maybe just moved on with it.

Maybe you could just start up a side business (Tastefully Simple and I'm frickin' coming to Dayton!!) and use all the profits that you don't need for reinvestment to put in a savings account...? You could put it on your invite cards the information that your profits are going for that purpose. You never know, babe, it might just help. If you have a bunch of friends, they could come to your parties, get something out of them (darn great food) and you would get something out of them, too. AND, from what I understand, it's just a great little business. I eat the stuff. I'm too big of a bitch to sell it, but you GO, girl!! :o)

tammy said...

Hey Wendy!

Ooo.. Pampered Chef! People LOVE that stuff.

I have never heard of Tastefully Simple... if that that food thing where you go in a cook the food and then they buy it? I think my boss did that?

You aren't that far from me, are you?

BTW... I love that you are as opinionated as you are. It make for a good read... lol

Wen782 said...

Pampered Chef is for wealthy people. LOL


I can live off this stuff. Generally speaking, all you need is one or two ingredients and the prep time and you're done. It's high speed YUMMY food!!!

YES, I'm pretty close to you and glad you like my overly opinionated self!! LOL

Amy Paden said...

Put a jar in the church lobby, and simply label it "For the Future" or something like that. Just out of instinct people will put money in it not knowing what its for... Of course you'd have to keep a close eye on it to make sure no one steals it...

I know a lot of schools in the area sell magazines, so I don't know if that would be a good one today.

hmm.. I'll have to think about this one.