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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Definition of Friend

1·· a person with whom you are acquainted.
2·· an associate who provides assistance.
3·· a person you know well and regard with affection and trust.

As children, our closest friends are the people who play with us on the playground, sit next to us at lunch and snack time, and share their 64 count Crayolas (the one with the cool sharpener) during Art. These friendships are full of laughter and fun; we just know they will last forever.

As we grow and mature, our requirements for friendship change. We no longer want just the superficial and we try to find that perfect balance; one or two people who know truly know us (commonly known as 'the accomplice(s)'), several good friends but not in your inner circle, and a hand full or so of acquaintances.

For the longest time after I got out of high school and started growing in my Independence, I noticed that my friendship balance was off. I only had 2 close friends but I really had no inner circle and then no real aquaintances either. It was particularly true once I got married because DH and I do everything together and what few friends I did have kinda fizzled away.

In the last couple of years though, I have been very blessed.
  • My high school best friend and I have gotten back in touch and it is like there was no time off between us. Yes, we have an odd friendship up it works.
  • DH and I have also become close with another couple in our church and it is wonderful that we have them to 'hang" with. I didn't realize how much I missed our Sunday afternoon lunches with them until we had an month of them not being available (two of those being for this silly little thing called a honeymoon... LOL, just kidding, I am so happy for them). I have grow to love, cherish and respect the friendship that has developed with both of them over time.

In the last few months, my blessings have more than doubled when in comes to friendships. I have "met" the most incredible group of women; I am happy to call them friends. We have never formally met and maybe never will, but I have grow to love these woman for all their uniqueness and what they add to my day and life. We have a common bond in TTC but it has grow beyond that. We are able to share, vent, cry, laugh, yell, hug, smile, talk, etc. and know that we have support no matter what. Some of us are a bit closer to one or more of the girls than the others, but it still works and we thrive emotionally and spiritually because we have each other.

DH asks me how I can call someone I have never met a true Friend, but I look at all my friendships in a different light now. I used to think one's friends must be close (in proximity) and you had to have met in person. I see now that it isn't how you meet your friends but but the quality of those friendships, how you react to one another and how you share your lives.

Because of this epiphany this weekend, I can honestly say, my heart is full, my balance is met and I am blessed to know such wonderful caring people.

To my girls,

Thank you for just being you.


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jk215 said...

Tammy- I just wanted to say that was beautifully put. I agree wholeheartedly. I have a 'friend' that I literally see every day & I don't have the bond & mutual support with her that I get from my board ladies. My husband also doesn't quite get it- but I am so grateful for all the women I have met in the past few months & I just wanted to thank you for saying this!