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Friday, December 29, 2006

"Initial " usage and PSA (lol, yes I did that on purpose)

In our modern world and life style, initials are use practically everywhere. For example, XL = extra large, MD = medical doctor, DA = dumb ass, RE – regarding, etc… Nowhere is this more prevalent than on message boards. I, myself, use them everyday with a group of wonderful women whom enjoy laughing and getting to know one another, while trying to achieve a goal… conception… Some of us are looking for a first; others are looking for a sibling…

Normally, we have a great time joking and laughing at each other and others… Yesterday took and ugly turn… the board went wild… sister against sister, mother against daughter, and aunt against uncle, villains and heroes slugging it out… Oh, wait, that was in my head… never mind… no wait, I vaguely remember a brawl… was I dreaming, did it really happen that way? Was Moxie crime fighting against Lex Luther? Did Superman and Catwoman scratch the surface of their differences? Did The Power Puff Girls kill Barney? I am lost and confused… where is all sense of reality? Someone help!

OH! NOW I REMEMBER! A group of women with HBS were attacking someone in her “home”! HBS you say? I have never heard of that! Is it catchy? Is there a vaccine? How can I protect myself from this disease? Well, have no fear dear people, there is a cure! HBS, or Hose Bag Syndrome (discovered by Dr. DH on 12/28/06), can easily be eradicated from your system by getting a sense of humor, getting a life, and/or minding your own damn business.

Now there are two types of HBS, the first is less intrusive and mildly amusing. Symptoms cay include asking dumb questions (I am 2 days late and then I started ‘flowing’. Did my period start), stating the obvious and not realizing it, THEN asking a stupid question (My period started after I had sex with my DH and it was one time. Am I pregnant?), or butting in to a board and stating annoying facts (I love you guys. I only posted once, but you helped my get my BFP in 1 cycle). This HBS can usually be cured with in minutes with a smart-ass comment. The second type, and the most deadly, is signified by the following symptoms: lack of regard for others personal opinion, (You suck because you don’t think like I do.), name calling (You are a bitch because you don’t think like I do.), lack of a sense of humor while “visiting” others’ spaces (My friend named her kid Muffy Puffy and you are making fun of him and I hate you for it), and the worse symptom, wild accusations (you are a drunk drug addicted witch and your friends have no mind of their own). Unfortunately, there are very few cures for type 2 and it can be passed down genetically to their children. Usually only a severe beat down can tame it but even then it may reoccur. In most cases only death will get rid of the sickness, and it is usually only achieved after years of having HBS and dying of old age.

I am urging all who read this to keep a look out for people exhibiting these symptoms and do all you can to try and help them. Yes, some are too far-gone, but only we can make a difference. Until next time, keep the faith and fight on faithful rainwashed drones!


jennifercarol said...

Tammy, I'm lovin' it! And how wonderful of you to shed light on the dreadful yet little know disease of HBS. You know, many people have this condition and they are not even aware of it. For example, yesterday I witnessed two people who were already KU'd carrying on a conversation with eaching on the TTC board on pregnancy related subjects. Hello???

Anonymous said...
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nancy said...

Good god. That was funny. Every now and again I will get the crazies going and we see a comment-a-thon.

The best part is when asked straight up "are you the one commenting" I get things like ~"why would I waste my time commenting? I wouldn't even waste my time reading it". Um, yeah. And then I put something personal to that person and the gates of hell open up.

But I digress. I'm glad you have a blog now. I will be reading both this one and Shayna's on a regular basis!