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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Kickbacks from EPT!

Well, AF is STILL not here and I swear she is just doing it to piss me off... I have spent a small mint on HPT in the last few years (today was just another addition to the BFN fund) and I think that she is getting kickbacks from EPT!

How can I get on the kickback bandwagon? I think that I should be able to get a small percentage of money back for every "lost" cycle... We all should... You hear that Mother Nature and AF... Show us the money!

Now, I am not saying ALL women get kickbacks, just us "lifers" who have the drug store on speed dial and they know us by name...

"Hiya , Mrs. Smith. Here for another stick to pee on? Golly gee whiz, Mrs. Smith, haven't you been in here like 20 time in the last three months? I think we have a frequent pee-ers program. Would you like to sign up?"

Someday we may get our BFP and we can turn in our "Infertile Myrtle" cards but until then, give us a break, will ya? Show us the money! Get me a lobbyist! Someone march on Washington! I don't care who gets it done, just get it done!

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