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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Updates: Pickle Buckets, Periods and Parents

It started on Thursday evening and went though until Sunday night, at least at our house.

I came home from work on Thursday feeling very sensitive in the stomach area, a heavy feeling really. So, I lie down and told DH that I needed to let my stomach settle a bit and then I would get up and make dinner. (I figured it was premenstrual nausea. I was on CD21 and, well, lately that is a late cycle.)

Dinner never manifested on my side. Nope. Within 2 hours of being home, I had it coming up and out. Projectile. It was bad and I will leave it at that. DH was a real trooper. He cleaned up and washed really well to make sure that he wouldn’t get it. He went out and got ginger ale and noodle soup just in case I got hungry. (I am a ‘leave me alone’ sick person so he gets off easy with me and honestly we thought it was food poisoning.)

Saturday morning we get up to go to the P.M.O. Show at Pur.due (we go every year) and DH is acting a bit off. I should have known but he was pretty good at hiding it… until right before Ind.ian.apolis.

“Grab the pickle bucket.”


“The pickle bucket, grab it.”

“Pull over.”

“I will. Grab the bucket.”

“Pull over, now!”

“The bucket!”

It was the 36-hour stomach/intestinal flu. I told DH that giving it to him was not my intention but he did give me his cold, so now were even.

We did get pulled over in time and I was dumb enough to listen to him when he said that he could make it to the show and be fine but we would come home instead of eating with the in laws. He was not fine and missed the last half of the show. Well, he heard it from the bathroom stall.

MIL was her normal overly hovering self and basically made it sound like DH was hours from dehydration and death and called at least 5 times in 24 hours checking on him. (She is a very overprotective mother of 1.) We found out yesterday that FIL now has it. Can I just say we really know how to share the love? Needless to say, it was a huge lesson in communicable disease.

All is better in our household but now AF is here (CD25 she showed up) but at least it was before Christmas. Out monitoring will begin in January but I will write more about the doctor appointment in the next post.

We also received the news that DH’s grandmother finally passed away yesterday morning. He found out yesterday at work when his dad called:

“Are you busy right now?”

“Well, I am working.”

“Okay. So, Mom died.”

“What? Who?”

“Mom died.”

About 30 seconds of silence followed by this:

“Do you mean Grandma?”

“Yeah. Mom.”

We know it wasn’t on purpose but talk about scaring the living crap out of your kid. Doug was in shock until FIL clarified that he meant Grandma. She has gone home and her suffering is gone so it really should be a season of rejoicing not sadness.

Our maybe babies will not have any great grandparents but hopefully they will have 5 grandparents to spoil them rotten.

I think that is the big update. The doctor update will come either later today or tomorrow.

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Monica Fayth said...

You poor thing! I absolutely hate being sick. I'm glad you're feeling better now. Looking forward to your dr's appt post