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Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Oh, no! The Turkey!"

My four-day weekend started with… well, angry words, and for the first time I actually threw something in the direction that DH had been. I am not proud of that though, it was 75% my fault.

What, you may say, would make me lose all sense and throw a plastic cup? It was turkey. Yep, that blessed Thanksgiving fare, was out of the package and being dined on by every one in the family that was covered in fur. AND… it wasn’t cooked! Raw meat. Yay. (On maybe a related note, Otis has a bug and has been sleeping and barely eating. If he doesn’t get better by Monday morning, we have a vet visit in our future.

I forgot that the turkey was in the box out on the deck when I let out the “pack” for 5 minutes. That is all it took. Cheyenne was the brute strength used for the grabbing and dragging and everyone else helped with the shredding of the package and dining. (Is this when I mention that it was a free-range, organic turkey from the local turkey farm?) So, we had Thanksgiving Saturday with just the in-laws and us. Dad and his wife didn’t make it and I am sorting out why I felt relieved.

I was able to get some of my Christmas stuff sewn up and I have a table runner that looks like huge ornament balls. Tomorrow we will put up the tree and outside stuff.

DH and his dad put up a sliding gate on the deck so I can lock the dogs in the yard when we are not out there. It gets cold enough in the winter that we put pop, milk, juice and stuff on the deck to stay cold sometimes. I don’t need a repeat with other food.
Hopefully Christmas will be less eventful… lol

I am truly thankful that I have been blessed with a husband who will not let me stay in an irrational state. He is willing to block the deck and not let me leave in an angry rage and then hug me after I have said horrible things I don't mean. And one who fries a really mean turkey. Oh my, was it wonderful.


Lori said...

OMG. This is one of those things that is horrible in the moment but quite funny afterwards.

Hope the furry ones are all OK soon.

And yum! I love fried turkey.

jenn said...

Oh man! My one dog will eat food off the counter if given the chance, but never a whole creature!

I'm sorry for your rough start to the holiday- I am glad that you & DH are able to bounce back & be such good partners! And that he can fry a mean turkey!

Jenette said...

you almost made me snort... :)

Sorting out why your feel relieved... hmmm... well. I can think of a few reasons, but I'll let you sort them out.

Wanna come down and hang out sometime soon?