"Cheer up. Remember what the Monty Python boys say."
"Always look on the bright side of life?"
"No, 'Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.'"

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oh my goodness! It does go to God's ears!

One hurdle down and a million more to go.

The Fos.ter/Ado.ption Age.ncy called and said they would love to work with our "unique situation". The ado.ption coordinator is out of the office until Monday but I will hear from her then and then Tuesday is the orientation.

Oh my... am I allowed to cry? I feel like I am on the table with the OB love wand and they just told me the egg is a 23 and to trigger it.

Eek. Okay... um.. this is me not getting my hopes up. I am just too pathetic, huh? Oh well.


Monica Fayth said...

Fingers crossed, prayers going up!

Jen said...

That's wonderful Tam! I think 2009 is going to be a good year for you :)

Jewels said...

Awesome news, Can't wait to hear how monday goes. :)

Shari said...

Not pathetic! On your way to being a MOMMY!

I'm so excited for you I could pee.

Sorry. :-D

Jewels said...

I just had to come over here and tell you I had a dream about you last night, you got to adope your little boy and the baby, I got to meet you and your new little boy but the baby wasnt here yet.
Just had to share. :)

Jenette said...

Not pathetic at all. Thinking and praying for you honey!

Hope said...

you are deeply in my prayers. I am so excited for you, I love how your husband put it too. I am glad you put it out here for us to pray for too - boo on the one who was cruel - she will be in my prayers too!