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Friday, November 21, 2008

Ramblings and another AF

First, thank you girls for the hugs, it meant a lot over the last several days. I think with the holidays it is just making it harder on me. This will be the first Thanksgiving in a while that has just been the un-laws and us.

Now I guess I will need to indent each point (I can never get the bullets to show up).

  • I am trying to get motivated to get my house cleaned before Thanksgiving but that is not worked too well. I just don’t have the energy. I think DH needs to get me good and pissed so I can go on a cleaning rampage (Just kidding, hun, don’t do it, really)
  • I have a new office space. I really like it because I have a crap load of room but I don’t like that my back is to the door and all can see my monitor. Guess my web surfing days are over.
  • My office mate is driving me absolutely ape- [crap]. I am serious. I am about one bad PMS bout away from actually chucking crap at her. I am what one could call a scattered organized worker. I know that is an oxymoron but I am weird that way. I could have several stacks of papers and folders strung a crossed my desk and I can tell you where everything is located. Not now. Nope. I am being forced into organization. I was basically told my desk reminds them of Pig Pen from Peanuts and that I couldn’t possibly function in such disarray.
  • Not that I am one to play the victim but my office mate does not realize that people think and organize differently. She actually said to me I should keep things spread out so I don’t look cluttered and I will learn to love this way of neat organization. Never mind the fact that my stuff needs to be within reach, nope. I need to have it LOOK uncluttered, not just neat. I know our owner said I need to be a bit less scattered but she is turning into the neatness nazi. I swear I will beat her with my stapler some day.
  • On the same office topic, I am now being teased and berated when I use multi-syllabic words. Yep, if a word is used that is beyond the comprehension of people in the office, “Big word”, is the response. I was actually told by my boss at one point to use smaller words so people understand me. YET… when a letter or policy needs to be written, I am the one who does it because, as my boss states, “Tammy knows all those big words that higher ups like.” WTH?! Don’t use big words unless it is written? Grrr.
  • This is a common sentence out of the mouth of my office mate, “We was going out for a delivery….” I think next time she says, “Big word” to me, I will response like this: “I apologized that my vernacular is beyond your comprehension but I refuse to perpetuate ignorance in those that surround me. Further more, I may not have the grammatical prowess of a Rhodes scholar but I do like to view myself as a reasonably intelligent human being. When you can learn to correct your own poor speech patterns, I may desire to carry on a dialog with some relative intelligence with you.”
  • I woke up yesterday with a throw up sort of migraine, sensitive to light and sound. I am spotting heavy AGAIN at CD19. By the end of today I should have AF again. So lets do the math. In a matter of 36 days, I will have had 3, yes 3, visits from the evil witch and her little dog, too. So, what do I do? Do I call my OB or do I call my RE? This is absolutely, frickin’ crazy. 3 cycles in less than 6 weeks!! WTH?! I think I will call the RE’s office first and they may refer me to the gyno but come on; I went from AF famine to feast on non-medicated cycles.
  • Finally, if I don’t get with the program, my MIL will not get the stuffed turkey I am making her for Thanksgiving. And, I want to know why my easiest teddy bear pattern every makes the funggliest looking bears? What am I doing wrong? (This question is purely rhetorical.)

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Jenette said...

I miss you.

I just caught up on your blog. The past two weeks have been busy.

I get asked all the time to put things in fancy words... lol.