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Monday, August 4, 2008

Highlight of My Weekend.

I got to see Mom and Dad. It has been too long and DH and I just don't have the moolah to get down there on our own right now. (The only better option would have been my sisters and their families, too.)

So, I spent all day Saturday cleaning like a fiend (it could still have been cleaner) and Sunday was quiet and relaxing. The afternoon was spent with Mom, Dad and their friends, B. and D. Then they came over to our house and stayed until 10:30. I think they really like the house a lot better than the last place.

It was a beautiful night out so we were able to leave the dogs out in the yard and sit on the covered deck and talk. I loved it.

On a fun note, I am not really one who is into purses. They are just too girlie for me, but I have an odd fascination with Vera Bradly purses. I LOVE them. Yes, the are the ultimate in girlie, but I think it is my love of sewing that draws me to them. Well, my sisters and mom both have them and now...

...so do I. I love the colors and the print, too. Thank you, Mom. BTW, my boss is drooling over it... lol.


Jen said...

I adore that purse. Those colors and the fabric are gorgeous!

nancy said...

You know what's funny? My mother in law, older aunt and grandma in law all use those purses and that's when I first saw them. so I ~totally~ think of them as "old lady" purses. But I know how popular they are now - and it's all the rage, but still, "old lady" is what I think. :)

I'm glad you love your though!

VA Blondie said...

I love purses and bags, in general. They always fit. That purse is veyr cute. The colors and design are wonderful!