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"Always look on the bright side of life?"
"No, 'Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.'"

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Well, I am starting to mirror June's Cycle

The aqua blue line and the fuchsia line are starting to melt together... lol So I am not sure what to make of this cycle.

I have perfect looking charts that should end in 9 months.

I have a chart that is HORRIBLE and it was a 2 day +. I am not sure if I should be bummed or should I just hold out and pray for a miracle?

And if this cycle is a + will it make a current pro and con debate completely different? So much to think about. Will my brain every stop swirling?


jenn said...

I am hoping for some peace for your swirling brain!

fingers crossed for your job prospects & the ttc front.

nancy said...

I am not that smart today. Are you saying this is a good chart or not?

And yes, if it is a +, the pro/con debate will be thrown away.