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Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Digs for an Old RE

Well, we meant with our RE in his new 'home' and over all I think the meeting went well. Okay, waiting an hour and 10 minutes passed the appointment time was not cool. (I firmly believe we should be able to bill for our time. He owes me $20.00)

Here is the near future game plan:
  • - Start DH on the Arimidex along with the Clomid at the next refill
  • - If we get a neg. this cycle we are to start up the Clomid @ 150 mg for 2 cycles
  • - If we are not preggo by then, the third cycle will be an IUI because by then DH will know if the Arimidex had increase the count

He really feels that since we were able to have a chemical pregnancy on our own with no Clomid on my part then IUI is not out of the picture yet. He also said freezing several sample will not do any better than 1 fresh sample.

As far as adding FSH, that is big negative. Absolutely no. Because I make several good eggs on Clomid so adding FSH will increase our chance of multiples by 5x. Right now we are at a 14% of twins; FSH will give us over 60% in the multiple department with a 35% chance of triplets. So, no FSH unless it involves IVF.

I have been taken off the Actos and we are going strictly with Metformin since without the Actos I have lost about 12 lbs in 6 weeks. I will know on July 8th whether or not we will be making any other changes after an appointment with my PCP.

I felt pretty good after I left (until I hit traffic) and I think that I may try the EPO and green tea and who knows what else to try and boost our chances.

Maybe I am just supposed to get better RE news in July.

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Jen said...

It kind of sucks that the plan involves more waiting before another IUI. But you might get lucky in the meantime, especially once you start the 150mg clomid. I just hope that you don't get stuck with another super long cycle next month. I hate those.