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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Okay... More Numbers...

The most I will pay out of pocket for and IUI is $400.00, at this point. It insurance decides to stop paying for the ultrasounds, then it will be around $900.00.

If we decided to go to IVF (laughable, really), we will be paying either $10K a cycle or $17-20K for a ~package~ deal of 2-3 IVF cycles.

Adoption in the United States can run from $10k to $60k depending on what you have to pay the lawyers, agency, mother, etc. International adoption is around $25-60K, depending on the country. If you adopt from a foster agency, it is around $2500 to $10K and it can take years if the family decides to fight and you aren't guaranteed a child of your race or a baby.

So, how is it that we, taxpayers, will allow girls to get free state/federal help for their illegitimate children, but we are not fighting tooth and nail to get mandatory IF coverage in our insurance? I just don't understand.


jennifercarol said...

Wow, Tam...I'd never thought of it that way. But its an excellent point! I mean why are our incentives so out of whack???

jenn said...

it really is amazing- isn't it!

I was looking at my flexible spending account & I have to ask if infertility drugs & treatments are allowed. Birth control pills & condoma are, but I'll bet you I won't be allowed to buy clomid with it! and that's my out of pocket stuff.

nancy said...

It's insanity, I know. The blogosphere has been discussing this very subject (insurance coverage) a lot lately. Are you big in reading IF blogs? I can point you to some great blogs about this subject if you haven't read them already. It really got me interested.

Jenn - IF ~is~ allowed on your flexible spending account. It's ruled federally, not up to each company, so that's a good thing. If it's included as a tax deduction for medical expenses, it's allowed with your flex account. IF ~is~ included now. Even mileage to/from your REs office.