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"Always look on the bright side of life?"
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Monday, October 1, 2007

My one happy moment this weekend

I just have to share my happy moment.

This past weekend pretty much sucked. We were all set to get stuff moved into our new home (OMG… I am a homeowner now! Eek) and it did not go as planned… at all; Doug got sick. This man never gets sick, seriously, maybe once every two or so years. So this weekend, it hit him. Not bad enough to make him bedridden but enough to kick his butt and ask questions later. So needless to say, this week is going to be crazy busy.

Since, we were moving stuff in and out of the house, I crated our dogs so no one would get loose. I admit, I was a bad puppy mommy on Saturday and they were crated longer than normal. Bad mommy :-(

In the midst of my frustration over the day, my ~kids~ showed me a moment of pure happiness. When I was done working for the night, I let the dogs roam the house. (Normally, they are not allowed upstairs in the bedrooms but the cats are at the new house, so they have full reign.) Doug was lying on the bed, trying to not be sickly and I climbed in with him to cuddle. Then my little mama’s boy wiggles in between us so he can get pets and snuggles and his brother climbs in for the same. Within 5 minutes, our king size bed was no longer big enough. The ~kids~ had brought toys and climbed in bed just to be near us.

I have to say, I truly believe animals must be earth bound angels, otherwise, how would they know just what we need, exactly when we need it?


jk215 said...

Aww- I have these same moments with my 'kids'. After a really crappy day- Chase just jumps up & snuggles in. He totally knows when I need some unconditional love.

Jewels said...

That is such a cute story, makes me miss my cat (the little brat, she keeps running away for like 3 days)

Kim said...

So true! My dog can turn a horrible day into something worth remembering.

Congrats on the house, too!

jennifercarol said...

What a sweet story. And I can relate. At the end of a long and depressing day, I can always count on my Cujo to cheer me up as he is always ecstatic to see me.

jenn said...

Tammy- I miss you- I hope the move is going smoothly & I can't wait to see some pics!

Just want you to know I'm thinking about you.