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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Feeling sentimental and I wanted to share my Furbabies and Fur"grand"babies

From Left to Right: The puppies, a few days old; The last group picture before they were sold: Guinness, Chai, Angus @ 7 weeks; Suka their mom; Dakota their dad; Cheyenne the proud "aunt"

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happychic22 said...

OMG! Your dogs are adorable!!! I especially like Cheyenne. She reminds me of my Bailey. I love long fur like that. Those puppies are to die for!!! How cute. Your lhasa apso (sp?) doggies are so cute too. My friend has one but it's sort-of evil. She will hide under the bed and growl and attack your feet if you're not a family member. I screamed once cuz I didn't know she was there and she jumped out and barked at my feet! LOL, it was funny!

Anyway, I keep posted on all you girls. I lurk JSO and hope ALL of you get your BFPs!!! I can't tell you how much I think of you girls and pray that you get them. You truly deserve it (f*** those newbies who seem to have them just land in their laps. Totally not fair!)

Take care, Tam!!!! Big hugs and buckets of baby dust to you!!!!