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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

4 Down... A lot more to go... ::UPDATE::

  • 1. Orientation - 2
  • 2. Case Management and Teambuilding - 3
  • 3. Child Abuse, Neglect and the Impact on Child Development - 3
  • 4. Attachment, Separation, and Placement - 3
  • 5. Discipline and Managing Behavior - 3
  • 6. De-escalation and Policies and Procedures - 2
  • 7. Cultural Issues in Placement - 3
  • 8. Caring for a Child that has been Sexually Abused - 2.5
  • 9. Effects of Caregiving on the Family and Primary Families - 3
  • 10. Permanency Issues for Children and Families - 3
  • 11. Educational Advocacy - 2
  • 12. Infant, Child and Adult CPR and First Aid - 6.5 (next Saturday)

Will we really survive all this? And can someone tell me how on earth teen/single mothers/parents are allowed to NOT have to take these classes, too? If it were mandatory for state aid, would less kids be in foster care? Kinda makes me wonder.


Lori said...

"If it were mandatory for state aid, would less kids be in foster care?"

Good point.

Jen said...

It is pretty unfair that biological parents don't have to know anything other than how to have sex to get pregnant. I mean I'm sure it is all good stuff to know and very important. But I'm sure it feels unfair sometimes too.

Jenette said...

If more parents in general had to take these classes, would there be less children in foster care.... perhaps. The optimist in me thinks so. The cynical TIP teacher in me says that drugs and alcohol will always be more important to some people than their own children, no matter what classes or anything else these people have taken.

You and DH will be fabulous parents. I have no doubt about that. I can't wait to help and support you as you embark on this new adventure in motherhood.

BTW, when do you need the letter??? :):) Love you!

KatieM said...

You WILL survive all of this, and yes I whole-heartedly think "parenting" (more like complete informational) classes should be mandatory for most.

nancy said...

You'll get through it. And yes, I agree how unfair it is for adoptive mothers/fathers to go through all this but not some biological ones who need it too.