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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas is Over but I am Still at the In Laws

Dh says I am Being good. I am trying to be good and they are just trying. Yep... they trying to kill me mentally. Ugh.

We had to bring all but one dog due to the "...must have the rabies shot..." rule at our boarder. Yep, that won't happen again. Otis is just too much for MIL and FIL to hand when he is rambunctious.

On an odd note, DH and I were approached with a twisting in our parenting fate. I am not ready to share it with everyone since we, ourselves, are not sure what, if anything, will come to fruition. No, I am not pregnant. There is no Christmas miracle but I have had a bit of an eye opener.

It is so funny to me that I picked the "Adoption may not be the answer" post for the "Creme de la Creme. In fact, it is down right ironic. The next day DH and I decide that maybe adoption is the answer. Or, it is a definite possibility.

Here is the bottom line on adoption for us, and I know a lot of people would not agree with me but, we want a Caucasian child. Yes, that makes things harder but I will not budge. I know what it is like to be different and, frankly, I don't think I am willing to go through all the new "learning" needed for a child. Learning to be parents is more important that learning a new culture on top of that. I know how that makes me sound but I know what I can handle.

Anyway, we have decided to keep TTC but open our thoughts to adoption, too. We just need prayer that God will lead us to the right choice.


Jen said...

Good luck with the in laws. While I love my MIL, I could go without seeing most of the rest until the next holiday season at least.

On the adoption and race thing, I don't think that anybody is in a place to judge. Raising a child is the most personal and important thing you will ever do, and you have to make the choices that work best for you and your hubby.

nancy said...

Damn it. I need to email you. I'm going to go do that right now. I'm a horrible email responder.

My inlaws left yesterday after being here the week. I may just turn religious in how much I keep thanking a higher power.

jenn said...

I hear you on the dog boarding- we only have 2 & it's tough sometimes. Since we knew we wouldn't be traveling again until at least next summer- we didn't bother with t he kennel cough vaccine. Which of course means we ~can't~ board them if we need to now... I have a feeling this will come back to bite me in the end!

Good luck with your twisting. I'm thinking about you.

Monica Fayth said...

Good luck with whatever decision you two make. And congrats on being "good" at the in-laws ;)