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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Much Needed Break from Reality

Back in September, I got tickets to see Ca.rlo.s Me.nc.ia at the Da.yt.on area Fu.nny Bo.ne. On Monday night, we were out late and had a blast. He is every bit as funny live as he is on Com.edy Cen.tral. There are times when you don't want to laugh but at the same time, it is so dead on. And who doesn't love being called a cracker? It really gave DH and I time to relax and let live slide for a while.

On the TTC front, this past cycle, if you want to call it that, was 7 days of spotting and light flow, none of which could be considered the normal color of AF. And not to get to much TMI but no lining. So I am thinking that the lining has been really thinned by the clomid. I am not sure what we will do, but I think if it is possible, we may do the next cycle as a medicated with an IUI. If not that one then the next.

Just a question though, should I suggest Femara since the clomid is obviously not getting the job done?


Betty Rubble said...


I just figured out I could search out other infertility blogs.

Anyway, I think Femera is an excellent next step if Clomid didn't work.

Good luck to you.

Jewels said...

I'll be honest Tammy - I really hope you guys do an IUI cycle Soon. I've seen how painful all this is for you & I have a lot of hope for you going the IUI rought. I just really think we can do this - get out of this rut and move forward once and for all - Finally!

I dont know anyting about the Femera, I've just heard that some women prefer other meds over Clomid - I think Metformin (sp) is one that is prefered and I wished I could have it but I guess I just havent pushed anything to get it - I dont know enought about it and am just turning it over to my RE.

I think about you all the time, I hope your enjoying your break. I know I enjoy mine.

Monica Fayth said...

Josh and I got to see Carlos back in Sept. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard!!

Not sure about your cycle questions though =/

Jen said...

I love Carlos Mencia. You are so right about how you know that you shouldn't laugh but you just have to.

I don't know about the Femara. It worked for me, but I did the switch because the Clomid was causing cysts. I'd say it is worth bringing up with your RE.

nancy said...

It's not a question of if clomid is doing the job or not. Here is what to ask ..

Is your lining suffering?

THEN you may want to switch to femara. But if you are making at least one nice egg on clomid, it's doing "its" job.

Personally, I like femara SO much better.

nancy said...

Oh - and I've seen carlos mencia. It's awesome!!!