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Monday, September 15, 2008

Cycles TTC vs Years TTC

I guess I should clarify my math on how many cycles I have had since starting the baby making project and the years.

For the average person 12 month TTC = 1 year TTC.

I am not the average person by far. I have long cycles, skipped cycles, regular cycles. It just depends on the weather.

Five years and four months ago, DH and I started trying to get pregnant. Sometimes actively, sometimes just not protecting... well, never protecting.

Since May of 2003, I have only had 44 actual cycles. Therefore, I have only 3.75 years of cycles while 5.25 years of trying. Or I have 20 cycles that are nonexistent due to various reasons.

And I was told by a very wise woman once, that month does not equal cycle. If you only have 10 cycles in a year, you have not been trying for 12 months. That is why I break my TTC experience down in cycle and year.

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nancy said...

Ah. I would just go with the total time.