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Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Why Don't you Just Adopted You Selfish (fill in the name)?!" ::EDITED::

Wow. Really? Is that how the average person should feel about infertility? I am selfish?

I read a beautiful article about Pamela Jean that really made me feel like IF was coming to the forefront. WRONG! The comments to the article were HORRID! I got farther than Mel but not too much.

How about I walk up to an man with ED and say, "You are so selfish for not letting your wife cheat on you because you can't satisfy her."

Better yet, let me walk up to a donor recipient and tell them, "How dare you take another person's bone marrow? Survival of the fittest, Man. Nature is thinning the herd."

I want to be a mom. I don't care how, I want it no matter what. BUT I the urge to have a biological child is strong because I know the inner struggles of an adopted child from experience.

Now, if someone wants to throw a crap load of me money at me I would love them forever and it would help me make the IVF decision in a heartbeat, but until then, I will trudge along hoping for a chance at something.

Until they walk a mile in our shoes, they need to just shut it.


Jen said...

Some of the comments on the article were ugly and downright rude. Adoption is not for everybody, and people should be able to make the best decision for themselves period.

jenn said...

I have never understood how people can hate someone for wanting what thy do not. Even before IF- even before the want for a child hit- I still couldn't imagine being so angry over the choices of another [erson- especially ones that don't impact me in any way.

But now I really don't understand- I saw the comments too & was floored. How could people be so angry? How can a human being begrudge or diminish the desire of happiness of another because they haven't gone through their particular brand of pain?

Tammy said...

Comments to this link are turned off due to the nature of responses it may incite.