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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ummm... did I take a turn back into the 19th Century?

Okay, if there are 'naturalist' out there who may lurk, please do not think I am tryig to offend you. This is just an opinion.

When on earth did it become evil to use toilet paper? Seriously. Are we so scared of supposed (I am still not convinced given this is the nicest June weather I have seen in a long time) global warming that we have forgot what it is like to have modern conveniences like toilet tissue? Is this really a trend? Have we really gone that far off the grid in terms of recycling?

Look, I am not trying to offend anyone but my goodness. I just don't get it. Is the extra water/soap/bleach and the energy used to wash and dry these products really helping? Seriously. A $2 six pack or double rolls is not more expensive than the energy out put to keep a family of 3 in cloth toilet paper.

If there are people that want to do this, all the power to you, but I am not so sure it will become the norm.

BTW, I would be interested in seeing if there is a connection between more sickness and reusable cloth products.

1 comment:

Hope said...

One word...EWWWW!

ok, more than one word...DOUBLE EWW! When I was younger and heard about recycled toilet paper I assumed it was from used toilet paper haha...but the thought of using it again makes me shiver.