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Monday, June 9, 2008

"...Don't Fence Me In." (A weekend in words.)

Well, yes, fence me in, please.

This weekend was almost a bust on the fence raising front. We bought the house for the trees and now they are the bain of our fence building existence.

Apparently, our trees and shrubs have conspired against us in revolt of being trimmed. Even though we have a great pull-behind post hole digger, it is being done in my the common 100 year old tree root. Hmm. Is it too much to ask that the rest of the project go smoother?

To quote another popular hit, "...I said, No, No, No." when it came the the baby shower of the pregnant teenager at church. The only gift I felt the need to give consisted of a box of condoms, a pamphlet from Planned Parenthood and a copy of the state and federal taxes withheld from my check with a circle around the amount and a huge, "Your welcome."

I make no bones about the fact that I detest the Welfare ("Someone else take care of my irresponsible butt.") system in this country. This girl is now a reminder of a broken system that my tax dollars pour into. Yes, I am bitter about it.

This week is also a week of appointments. DH has his follow-up s/a and follow-up with Dr. R. Then a week later, I see my RE but in his new digs. I am hoping the cost might be a little less due to the fact that it is also part of Local College Medical School. Maybe I can get in on a trial or too and get a discount. Shoot, I would even be there live pin cushion and guinea pig if it gave me a baby.

Hopefully, we will have our fence before I see my new RE office but I am not that optimistic yet... lol


Jen said...

I'm with you on the welfare thing. What really kills me is that the system benefits those who don't work. I mean if you are working but in a temporary or contract job and you get pregnant, you are better off quitting so that you can be considered poor enough for assistance. I could give a variety of other examples all equally irritating.

Sorry about the fence building fiascos. Sounds like par for the course with any home improvement project. Yuck.

Hope said...

AAAAAhhhh don't even get me started on the welfare system. There should be a time limit and random drug testing...oops I almost got started. GROWL

Sorry about the fence issues, dang tree.

I hope you do get some discount or something special out of it.

KatieM said...

Your comment about the tax thing made me laugh, but in all seriousness, it does suck. Now, I think if the welfare system is used correctly it can help a lot of people get through hard times...everyone has them, no shame in that. But I hate it when people abuse the system!!! For example, and Jen's comment reminded me of this, DH worked with this girl who was filling in their dept. via a temp service. She has 2 children and was complaining (well, more like constantly bitching) that she was making too much money in her position at his work to qualify for food stamps! Um, no shit sherlock...isn't that the point...to get you a better job so you DON'T have use the system?!?!

Nope, not in her eyes...she quit so could stay on it....

nancy said...

Please tell me you actually gave the girl that "gift".

When my 19 year old neice found out she was NOT pregnant with the 35 year old man's baby, I sent her a big giant box of condoms. My sister freaked out and yelled at me. Whatever. I thought it was a very necessary gift.

a fence! Sorry you are having issues, but I am jealous. I want to put a fence in but I was quoted $3,000. Ouch!