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Monday, June 30, 2008

Breaking News From the Mayo Clinic... ::EDITED::

Dateline: June 30, 2008

Researcher's Name: John Feelgood, MD

Subject of Research: Infertility

After years and years of research into the devastation due to infertility, researchers realize that they have found the cure for all types of infertility.

Millions around the world cheer in jubilation for their prayers are about to be answered. At last,they will be able to get the child they long to have.

What is this cure? Currently, researchers are looking for a name that will encompass all that this wonder drug does. (SRPDC-08 is too clinic to sell to the public.)

In order to find a new name for this miracle in a bottle, I have been chosen to take a list of potential names from infertiles I know to send to the Mayo Clinic personally.

The cure comes in three flavors or scents sunshine, rainbows, and puppy dogs. They are packaged into a nice pill form that must be take either orally or as a suppository.

Now many people have found that taking the cure feels vaguely like a cramming sensation (either down your throat or up your hind side), but after a while, if you learn to relax, the cramming of SRPDC - 08, will hardly be noticeable.

So, give me your ideas! What would you call this wonderful and amazing cure for infertility? How would you market sunshine, rainbow and puppy dog cramming? And do you think it will catch on?

UPDATE:: I forgot to mention that after the pill is crammed, you must stand on your head while singing "You are my Sunshine".

EDIT:: Due to popular request the FDA has agreed to sugar-coating of SRPDC-08. This is in effort to ease the cramming sensation.

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jenn said...

I love it! Can it please be a sugar coated pill? I couldn't possibly take it any other way! ;o)