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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

I have been tagged by my friend Nancy. Yay! Now, how on earth am I going to find seven interesting things about myself? Oh, well, here goes:

1. Well, first off, I am adopted and I was raised as an only child. My parents showed up at the hospital when I was 10 hours old and took me home when I was 4 days old. I found my biological family when I was 20. I went to the library in Terre Haute and looked up all the possible phone numbers for the entire U. S., February of 1995 (pretty high tech for ’95 really). In July, I had a dream that it would be the first number I called. Three days later it was the first number I called. I gained two sisters that day; I have never regretted it. They have been in my life ever since.

2. For my 18th Birthday, I got the gift of education. Education? (I can see the puzzled looks.) My parents let me go to evening classes to become a clown. Yes, you read that one right; I am a clown. Yep, a red nose, grease paint, big wig, floppy shoed wearing clown. My colors are Navy blue and white, with red accents. I usually only do church events but my teacher did suggest I go to Florida and join the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. Well, at least attend their “college”. Alas, it was not my dream though.

3. I was a military brat and I moved around a lot. For some reason the Navy doesn’t like to keep you in one place to long. When I was 8 we moved to La Madalena, Sardinia (Italy). I was mad that we weren’t stationed in Hawaii with my best friend and then we lost out on living in Scotland, too. But Italy was beautiful and I can still close my eyes and see base housing and the ocean. If it is really quiet, I can almost hear the waves crashing against the rocks. I would love to take DH there one day.

4. I am very crafty. I don’t mean devious… well, I mostly don’t mean devious, lol. I like to do craft projects. I love to sew and crochet. I wish I had the patience to quilt but I don’t. I like quick projects not l o n g drawn out ones, like quilts. I really like making throws and teddy bears. I also love to write but I have no confidence in my abilities. I know I am not horrible, but I see women who are so much better at it than I am. I am better with analogist type writing than anything else, kind of like the meditation type.

5. I sing. I mean like I sing every Sunday. I was in choir all through Junior High and High School and had to stop at three choir classes my senior year. The counselor wouldn’t let me drop chemistry even though I sucked at it. All through school I was a first soprano but I am losing some of my range with age, and we are short on altos at church so I am the fill in. My mom had a tape of me singing to myself (she hid a recorder under my bed) at 2 and half. Not only was it understandable, I kept a tune. Not that I am a prodigy or anything, I just have a natural aptitude towards music. (Which is why I am in an accounting job, lol.)

6. I like to bake but I don’t do it nearly enough. I rarely trust a skinny cook and I am amazed when people are shocked that we can pick really good restaurants. As DH puts it, you don’t get fat from not eating good food. I do try to eat healthy and I am not a big eater but genetics suck so a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.

7. I can’t imagine my life with out animals of some sort. The companionship and unconditional love it the best medicine for a broken heart. Some days, I just need a puppy ~kisses~ and it brightens my day. I am a good mommy to my fur-babies, all 8 of them. I know their personalities. Likes and dislikes. Each one is unique and I love them for different reasons.

I can’t think of anyone else to tag right now, so check back and I will make a ~list~. :o)


nancy said...

omg. i'm dying here. A clown. And I haven't even gotten through #s3-7, just got stuck on #2 and had to comment already.

jenn said...

I LOVE that you are a clown! I'm jealous you lived in Italy, & I wholeheartedly agree wuth #7

jennifercarol said...

It's amazing the things you learn about people when reading these things! A clown...wow!

nancy said...

okay tammy. I'm tagging you to write a new blog entry. ANY entry!