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Monday, November 19, 2007

I Have A Beautiful Temp Rise

I wish I meant something more than just proof of ovulation and higher progesterone, but that is okay. I know in my heart that what is meant to be is meant to be so I will keep charting and remain positive.
On another note, I have found that I have been unusually happy this last week or so. I am not sure it is because I am not dwelling on the negatives in life or because I am not letting the stress in life get to me. I did find that when I start to obsess about this cycle, I change the thought pattern and pray for ~my girls~. We are all in different stages of our cycles and medical interventions, but the struggle is still a struggle and I really feel compelled to ask God for answers to their desires not just mine. It has had an amazingly freeing affect on me. It makes me wonder why I wasn't doing this all along? Hmm...
Now for a huge change is subject, I have an observation that was actually brought on by my little sister. She has had a rough few years and she is starting to heal emotionally and spiritually. She mentioned that she knows where she needs to be to fully ~heal~ but it is hard getting to that point. I know that she will make that last leap of faith but she needs to do it on her own timeline.
I mention all that to say, we cannot change others. As much as we would love to have everyone on the same page as us religiously, politically, emotionally, etc., it cannot be forced. So until the time is right, we need to just live our lives and lead by example. Some of the best life lessons come from observation. That is how a hero becomes a hero.

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jenn said...

that is a beautiful rise! it's much easier for me to think positively about another's cycle than my own- not quite the same thing, but it does help keep the obsession down.

So- you know that I have all my good thoughts & hopes for you (all of you) out there right now. Here's to a stress free 2ww!