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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

So much for playing nice guy!

My supposed best friend in the entire world has betrayed me again!

Let me back up. I found out about 7 weeks ago she is losing her house, car, etc and filing bankruptcy. She tells me she is finally divorcing her husband and that her illegitimate child's father (my panty-waste, slacker cousin) is back in the picture. I am supportive. I listen and try to be a good friend.

Now, bring it back to the present. I have not heard from her since that last phone call 7 weeks ago. I have left frantic messages, email, and calls to her mom. The last call to her mother, I was given a bit of information that concerned me. She was in Ohio for Labor Day weekend; 10 miles from my house. I had no clue. I send a "Hey, what is going on" email and get nothing.

Last night I get a text message from her ex saying he needs to talk to me. I get worried. Mistake. Now I am PISSED!!! And I mean L-I-V-I-D!!! She just doesn’t know!!!

SHE BLOCKED ME! EVERYWHERE! Calls, email, everything! I didn't even get a flippin' "Dear Jane" letter! I have to hear from her ex that she has blocked me because I "know too much." What the Hell!?? I have had genuine concern that she is going into a deep depression and the she will not come out of it and I am wrong. She has been coming down to visit my rat-bastard cousin every month since April. Since APRIL!! I had no clue.

I am going through one of the hardest times of my life right now and I wanted to just talk to her, try and pull myself out of the depression but I couldn’t. She cut me off without even so much as a “Screw you!”

On another note:

I miss “My on-line girls” (as DH calls them) but every time I sign on I cry. I see their pains that they are going through and I can’t bear it. These girls deserve so much more than life is dealing them and I just wish I could fix it for them. I can barely get on the computer at work and at night I am packing. I miss them. They are the some of the best people I have ever met (and we have never really met) and I feel like I am running out on them like Kelli ran out on me. I am sorry, girls. I am not being the friend I should be.

I hope that everything lets up soon. I need a break from all this crap!


Amy Paden said...

I'm sure your "online girls" don't feel like you are running out on them. ( although, I'm assuming they know about some of the crap that's been going on), but even if they don't, they know you, and I'm sure they know that you wouldn't do something like that.

Kelli needs several "swift kicks"...I can't believe that.

I hope things start looking up soon, you guys don't deserve any of the crap that has been going on lately.

jk215 said...

First- I would never think that you were running out on ANYONE! You are one of the kindest & most caring people I have ever met- and we've literally never "met" or shook hands (or hug, because that's more appropriate!) I just want you to know how strong & wonderful I think you are. You literally inspire me to stop my pity parties & keep going in this whole crazy ttc world.

Second- where is this Kelly, she sounds like she needs a swift kick up the backside. I'm going through a much milder case of needing support & wanting my friend, but at least I do get to talk to her, even if it's never her support for me & always just small talk. But to abandon a friend, much less a best friend, with no reason or notice. It's just cruel & I'm sorry that it's happened to you.

Kat said...

Oh hun, you are a great friend. We were all worried when we hadn't heard from you, we never once thought you had "ran out on us". ((hugs))

Wen782 said...

Back up the truck, punkinhead... are you SURE you really need a wench like that around? You know we live pretty close to one another. You could come stalk me if you're bored. :o)