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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Yay! "Spot" has arrived...

Well, I started spotting last night and again this morning and I have gas (TMI) so AF should start at any time...

Now I am scared! As soon as she starts in full force, I have to call my RE and set up my HSG. The test doesn't concern me though, the results do. If I come back fine then we are on for Feb. cycle Clomid, if it comes back with something then we can fix it, this doesn't not concern me. The realness of the whole thing scares me. I could actually be on track and get a BFP!

I have wanted this for so long but now that it is real and closing in on me, I am excited and terrified at the same time. I don't know why, I just feel anxious... Here's a good analogy...

At Christmas a child usually has one item that they want so very bad they can taste it. The closer Christmas gets the more excited and nervous they get, anticipating the feelings they will have over that particular gift. By Christmas day they are usually beside themself with excitement. That is how I am feeling and it is only going to get worse...lol

At least I know I have a wonderful DH and he will do what he can to support me and keep me level. And it he can't then I have a wonderful group of women I can go crazy with!

Here's to the next few months, Girls! May we all get our BFP!

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nancy said...

girl. you need some more blogging posts!!! I keep check, but it's just the same one here!! Come on! :) :) :)